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    Not only do we create an Exotic Bathroom Installation like this, but, our team can make the average bathroom look special. Because we are a small frie

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      Mobility Wet Room Installation Specialist  As well as bathrooms, we are a mobility  wet room Installation specialist and have been installing t

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      Wet room installations We specialise in, and began wet room installation in Suffolk. We now cover the South East of England. and whilst wet rooms a

Welcome to Apollo Design

We specialise in wet rooms, having fell in love with wet rooms in Spain, so we have over twenty years experience in Bathroom & wet room installations & design in Suffolk & Essex, installing many in Colchester and covering the South East of England.  as well as bathroom installations and design services. We are fast and efficient, and can cost as little as half the cost of a big company, who normally hire sub contractors. We now cover the South east.

Bathroom & Wet Room Installations & Design, Suffolk & Essex and South East.

So when you want to speak to someone about your project, you call us directly. We can give help with planning and designing Wet Rooms, Bathrooms and Shower rooms. How to simply create a clean, fresh, light and airy looking bathroom. The above are examples of our ‘special’ bathrooms. But our Bathroom Page contains many normal, real bathrooms, not huge expensive showroom fantasies!!! Although we can build your dream bathroom at a realistic cost. And we can also build you a luxury Wet Room or disability Wet Room at a very competitive price. We will give you a fixed price quote, and references should you wish. Our Wet Room flooring specialist, Top Floors, will also fit your bathroom and kitchen vinyl.

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Apollo Design Bathroom and Wet Room Specialists Call - 07710812226

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Apollo Design Bathroom and Wet Room Specialists Call - 07710812226