Wet Rooms

Wet room installations

Apollo Design specialise in, and began wet room installations in Suffolk. We now cover the South East of England, and whilst they are fabulous to shower in, we have to adjust the way we bathe. All for the better, no more climbing into a bath to shower. And no more cleaning mould from enclosure frames ladies.

Change Our Ways

We Brits find it hard to change our ways. (No Mrs. you can’t have carpet.) I get calls to say; the floors wet, (well, the clues in the name) I need a screen, I need curtains. Personally I think this detracts from the beauty of the room and clutters it up. Therefore we suggest to try without, a screen can always be retro fitted but can just get in the way.

All Wet Rooms

Firstly, in Spain and Thailand, It is all wet rooms. It was in Spain that I fell in love with them. We developed and specialise in Mobility installations. See our Mobility page. Operating from Ipswich, we install wet rooms in Suffolk, Essex and the surrounding areas. However, we travel all over the south east of England for mobility wet rooms.

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In Thailand

In Thailand every wet room I have seen has a small towelling rug outside the door and they automatically wipe their feet as they leave. However, because it may be easier in a hot country. But even if you have slippers on, you can wipe your feet as the floor will not be continually wet. The few Asian people here that have we installed for do this without question.

You can always retro fit a screen. Therefore, at the end of the day it is your choice.

Slate Floor

This installation was fitted in a bungalow on a concrete floor utilising a non-slip stone/slate effect floor tile especially for safety and two different wall tiles, one being a feature wall with a wood effect tile. 

The customer utilised a rain head shower. We added a counter top basin , wall mounted basin mixer tap and fitted furniture in an exotic ‘Rift Oak’ finish, giving a beautiful wet room, therefore giving a touch of elegance.

Mobility Wet Rooms

We specialise in Mobility Wet Rooms and have over twenty years experience in fitting them. We are careful to design installations exactly to the customers requirements.


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En-suite construction

This was a large job involving the construction of stud walls and considerable plastering to install an en-suite wet room. The customer was extremely pleased.


This was a small ish en-suite that we converted into a wet room. The space was quite limiting, but we managed. So if you think your space small, we can probably do it, although we had to fit a glass screen to protect the door. The decor and style was the customers choice.

Retro Bathroom






This is an extreme retro bathroom as seen on our bathroom page. But we thought the wet area worth a show here.

Large Wet Room

This is a very nice, large Wet Room. With no expense spared the customer chose a concealed shower mixer, his and hers wall mounted vanity basin units, a wall hung back to wall toilet and travertine tiles throughout, gave a beautiful wet room. The customer also insisted on screens. Well, the room is three meters by three, so, they don’t get in the way.

Stone Grey

This is a nice Wet Room where we removed the bath, the ground outside was quite high, but we managed to get the drainage into the floor, a rain head and hand set. It has a very nice vanity unit and WC. The tiles are porcelain in a stone grey, that was not too dark.

Beautiful Wet Room.

This was a normal bathroom, but it never had a WC as there was a separate one. We tiled it with large marble effect ceramic tiles. As I have said, white makes the room feel bigger. But the marble makes it a bit more interesting. And we made a feature wall for the shower. this was done in red and black mosaic quarts resin tiles, and the floor in black. A wall hung red vanity basin was added to give a little more colour and warmth. Sparkly floor. And we managed to add a WC. As I have also stated, a bath rug outside the door solves the problem of wet feet. A little more colour was added with a red blind. Waterproofing. Before we could begin to tile, the floor and shower area were replaced with cement boards and all the joins were covered with a flexible membrane. Then all was coated with a waterproof tanking material.

Large Wet Room.

This is a really nice wet room. Although it is not a mobility wet room, they wanted a seat fitted. The tiles are a marble effect and they are 900 mm long, fitted in brick fashion. Wall hung basin and WC. This has a nice wall hung basin vanity with a draw. We fitted a drain gully then tiled the floor with a natural slate tile 600 mm x 300mm.

Extravagant WC.

This is a mobility wet room, but we felt it was worth putting here. This is a larger than normal wet room, in Sevenoaks Kent. The WC was a wall hung automatic. it flushed by a sensor, it spray washed you, warm air dryer and odour extraction. Still, it was only four thousand pounds.

Vanity basin.

We put in a drain gully then covered it with Altro safety marine floor. A full tile and fitted a heated towel rail.

Perry Millsoms Wet Room.

This is a beautiful design of a wet room by Perry and ourselves. The shower area is all mosaic, the shower itself is a fixed overhead one. We thought the coving adds a finishing touch.

Hand Basin vanity units.

Perry extravagantly went for double basin vanity units The Basin units are bolted to the wall and have the pipes buried. the rest of the room is tiled with a large square porcelain floor tile. A word of warning! These tiles are extremely hard and difficult to cut. Please avoid them for your walls as they will be more expensive to buy and put up. We had to move the radiator across the room and replace it with a towel rail. The vanity units basin and taps came from Bathstore.


Perry chose a very modern WC with clean lines that fitted back to wall..

Oh dear, another major job.

Not all jobs are this involved. But be warned if your walls are dry lined (plaster board) and the tiles are stuck on better than most. It is likely that the board will break up as in this case. The plaster board then has to be removed and replaced. But that is not actually as bad or expensive as it looks. And plasterboard is extremely cheap.

Shower End.

The floor board was replaced with 12mm tile backer board and the drain gully fitted. The shower corner had its plaster board also replaced with backer boards. These boards are totally water proof and will last forever. All the seams and joints were sealed with a flexible waterproof material and adhesive, called tanking.


We tiled the floor first and then the walls with chocolate mosaic tiles.

Modern bright Wet Room.

This is another beautiful design of a wet room. It is bright and spacious. But it is still a standard size bathroom. Wet rooms do give the feel of more space, unless you clutter them with curtains and screens. The floor is tiled in a dark grey non slip floor tile from CTD. With a fast flow stainless steel drain gully. We fitted a smaller hand basin, 450mm wide, with a semi pedestal, that opens up the floor space, adding to the impression of size.

Adrian's Wet Room.

This is another beautiful design of a wet room. It is really a disabled wet room, but looked so nice I thought I would put it here in the wet room page. It has a fixed overhead shower with a hand set. And some nice and effective spotlights. Adrian went for a small hand basin to give extra room for showering. And a wall mounted seat. The floor screed was broken up as usual and we remade it with a slope into the gully. There was an unfortunate amount of pipe work to hide as some came in from appliances the other side of the wall and was impossible to get rid of. So we had to box it in. Something we rarely do as normally we hide them all. The towel rail was mounted up from the floor as it was close to the shower area. The WC was quite standard and the small basin was mounted close to the WC to give as much room as possible in the shower area.

Large Wet Room.

Again this is a mobility wet room, but we felt it was worth putting here. This is a larger than normal wet room. It is in a large bungalow in Felixstow that had a larger than average bathroom. We did the usual and broke up the concrete floor, laying a drain gully then covered it with Altro safety marine floor. A full tile and fitted a heated towel rail.

Vanity basin.

We fitted a nice vanity basin. These are very good because they don't just look pleasing to the eye but hide away no end of bottles and clutter.

Small Wet Room.

This is a small en-suite wet room. It works well and is finished in a light beige tile with a purple feature tile. It has an over head shower. This room had a wooden floor. So we had to change the levels and sheet over it with a tile backer board. We then tiled it with the same tiles we used on the floor The basin unit was wall mounted with a mirror above and the feature tile rising to the ceiling.

Wet Room.

Dave's wet room, is a real luxury feature in a house. But it is not as expensive as you might imagine. Dave was looking at shower enclosures, some priced at eight hundred pounds. So with a huge saving there we talked him into a wet room. We do not like shower cubicles. They dominate a room, the glass is a job to keep clean, the doors are flimsy. They are restrictive room wise and it is not long before dirt and even mould is gathering in the corners of the framework.

Bev's Wet Room.

The floor is sheeted in Altro Cascade, which is a very thick non slip vinyl.

Finishing off.

To finish we refitted the WC, vanity, shower and riser rail. The customer was to paint and decorate as most customers tend to do. The tiles in a two tone brown/beige looked quite effective with the wave pattern. They came from Ceramic Tiles in Sproughton.

Mr. James's Wet Room.

The walls are tiled with a small white tile in brick fashion and the floor white again. Looks good in the flesh. photo does not do it justice. The basin and WC were very traditional. The shower has a fixed head and is very traditional. We recently went back and changed the floor as this is getting on for ten years now. Still looks good and the new floor looks stunning.

Mr. James's other Wet Room.

Stuart was so pleased with his upstairs wet room, he had his downstairs shower room converted as well. The walls are tiled with the same small white tile in brick fashion but with grey grout to pick out the tiles. Enlarge these to see them at their best. The basin and WC were again, very traditional. The floor with classic black and white tiles.

David Perry's Wet Room.

This was an out of date cramped old en-suite shower. A really small area with a 760 mm enclosure. Dave wanted some room. He asked us if it could be made into a wet room as it was in a flat on the first floor. We said yes of course.

Pipe Work.

We ripped everything out. Re plumbed the shower to give us room to reduce the size of the service boxing. The concrete floor was broken up a few inches down and the new drain cemented in

Basin with semi pedestal.

The floor and walls were tiled with the same, natural limestone tiles. The basin was then mounted on the wall with a semi pedestal. A smaller than norm basin was used as Dave wanted to make as much room as possible. We fitted a thermostatic bar shower mixer. Dave could not believe the room we had created.

Don's Wet Room.

This room was in a very old house. It was cleverly cut out of two bedrooms, so as not to loose a room. But it left very little room for a bath. The small bath had been badly fitted and had leaked ever since Don had moved in, resulting in a damaged ceiling and rotten plasterboard walls. Don wanted something more modern. So we suggested a wet room. We replaced the old rotting floorboards and plasterboards with Aqua board, which is totally water proof, then sealed over it with tanking. Tiled the floor and walls. Here is one of the worst examples of water damage from a leaking bath that we have seen. The plaster board had almost completely rotted away. It was only the tiles holding the board up. OK, so it was August. But what a shower. They actually, bravely used this while work was being carried out. I might put this in my shower section.

Nigle's Wet Room

Nigle decided to have the state of the art shower in his wet room not knowing what he was letting himself in for. It most certainly is an impressive looking shower room with it's four body spray jets. But the work involved in putting this lot together was considerable. The jets, taps mixer and shower feed were all mounted on a waterproof cement board. Then they were all piped together from behind so we could mount the whole lot in the wall in one go. This wet room is only six foot square. It had a shower cubicle in one corner that seemed to take up the whole room. We removed the cubicle and made a shower area of about half the room. Then tiled it with a small matt black floor tile that would be non slip. Then tiled the surround in a black marble effect, set in a mirror and tiled around that. We then fixed a shower screen in. This is another small wet room. But it's more like a shower area. it has been finished with black mosaic tiles and really looks great. But the photo does not do it justice.

Rounded Room

Again, clean, bright white walls. Sheets of white mosaic were used for the walls. Note the lack of visible cistern and flush handle set in wall. All the tiles in this wet room came from Topps Tiles. A walk in shower room. The corners of the walls were rounded before tiling. This room is less than six foot square. But it feels very, very spacious. The picture does not do it justice.

Vanity basin

The built in vanity unit in the wet room is set into a corner.

Old Shower Room

This was an old downstairs shower room. The people had just moved in and found it in a bad way. so they wanted a wet room put in. We pulled out the old enclosure and really brightened the room up.

Towel Rail

Replaced the radiator with a modern heated towel rail.

Small Wet Room.

This small shower/cloakroom was very cramped with a shower tray on the right in the opposite corner to the WC. The original hand basin was on the left in front of the WC. This was too small to be of any practical use and the new one stuck out half way across the door. I recommended a complete revamp and to go for a wet room. The tray was ripped out and the waste lowered. The tiled box scrapped. The hand basin moved to alongside the WC and the shower mixer repositioned to the centre of the right hand wall with the shower head opposite the hand basin so the water is directed away from the door. The walls were finished in a very soft pinkish tile while the floor with a very small sandy floor tile. As an after thought, cloakroom hand basins do not usually come with a pedestal. I think we could have attempted to install a half pedestal although it would mean cutting out the bottom of the pedestal. A bit risky, they break easily but I have done it before. Anyway when you walk in you do not notice the pipe work. They just seem to stand out in the photos.

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