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Mobility wet room Installation specialist. As well as bathroom design and fitting. For over twenty years, we have been installing disability wet rooms. Our experience, knowledge and design make us more economical than any other wet room installer. We will tailor a wet room installation around your needs and project manage the whole operation from start to finish.

We will install a wall mounted fold down shower seat and grab rails. This ensures that you not only have complete freedom to shower but good safety as well. But the look and feel of your mobility wet room is entirely up to you. We may advise on what is practical, safe and economical. But we will not try to push products on you. Nobody wants their bathroom to look like a hospital. Also, customers want other family members to be able to use the facility. Without obstructions, hence a fold down wall mounted seat. So, your new bathroom will look fabulous. Customers careers have said they did not think it possible in such a small space. We do the impossible.

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Wet room specialist

Mobility wet room installation are very much like our standard wet rooms. However, they are designed and built for people unable to use a conventional bath. These mobility wet rooms or walk in showers are our specialty. We also install mobility wet rooms all over the Southeast of England. We are happy to give you a no obligation free quote.

This is a very spacious ground floor room converted into a wet room . It has a wall hung WC that has warm air drying, odour eater and flush sensor. Mind you it cost four thousand pounds. You do not need that extravagance, we can install a raised WC for no more than an average WC, that is all you need. We use a non-slip vinyl safety floor fitted by Top Floors.

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Dave's disability wet room

What Dave has to say-

As I have become disabled, I needed my bathroom converted into a wet room and I chose Apollo Design to do this work and it turned out to be a good decision.

Paul Goodyear from Apollo visited and spent some time discussing what I wanted, needed, and how this could best be achieved. Paul explained that for us it was going to be a major project with the bathroom completely gutted, all existing tiles removed, ceiling re-plastered and a trench dug into the existing floor for drainage.

Once on-site Paul together with his team of Jason and Stuart were brilliant. Always on time they kept the amount of mess down to an absolute minimum and always cleared it away at the end of the day.

Having them in our home was a real pleasure. They were always polite, considerate and very funny and we really missed them once they had finished and gone. They would be welcome back at any time.

I had hoped for a bright, modern and stylish wet room but the finished job was better than I could have imagined. The standard of finish was excellent, and visitors have said how good it looks. My occupational therapist remarked on how well the new wet room suited my needs and how she hadn't believed it could be achieved in the space I had. Although there were a couple of issues caused by the existing plumbing which could not have been foreseen and caused the job to overrun slightly Paul kept the price to his original estimate.

A brilliant job done by a wonderful team.

Many thanks


Wet Room Construction.

Here we walk you through a typical wet room construction on a concrete floor. First we strip the room and if it has plasterboard walls, we strip out the plasterboard in the wet area and replace with cement board, altering any plumbing as necessary. We then break up the floor and lay in the drainage gully. Re-concrete the floor forming a 1 in 40 gradient. Then start tiling. We have fitted a mirror within the tiles over the basin. Fit a vinyl safety floor, or tiles, and finish by fitting the pottery etc.


Bright Wet Room

This is a bathroom in Sudbury that we converted to a wet room. It was a very small room and with the bath in place felt cramped, add to that it had dark tiles with a small window, felt like a cave. We removed the bath, added a small basin and moved the toilet slightly. We used very light tiles that also gave the room a bugger feel. As we have said, modern dark tiles can look fab in the showroom, but in your bathroom it can be disastrous. We also fitted down lights in the ceiling. The result was a bright spacious shower room that the customer was delighted with.

Narrow Wet Room

This wet room was a little on the narrow side. this made it difficult to place the shower in an ideal position. A bit close to the WC, the basin being on the left just out of the photo. But the lady said it works fine and she had a good idea for the grab rail, mounting it horizontally, it doubled as a towel rail. We fitted a corner vanity basin as there was not much room and a comfort height WC.

Large Wet Room.

This is a large bathroom with a number of vanity units. The customer chose the tiles. We often recommend fittings, but we will fit whatever the customer wished. So you can supply or chose your own if you wish. We are flexible.

Bright Wet Room

This was another large bathroom that we converted into a mobility Wet Room. It has a light tile with a trace of colour. Light tiles make a room feel bigger. You can get marble tiles similar to this.

Adrian's Wet Room

This was a small bathroom that we converted to a Wet Room. All pipe work was buried apart from the soil pipe which was too large and taking the washing machine waste from next door. The walls tiled with a white tile. It was on the ground floor and we began by breaking up the concrete floor to install the drain gully. We fixed a tile trim around the walls and began to tile up from it. The safety floor was then laid up to the tile trim.

Amanda's Wet Room

This was a small bathroom that we converted. It now feels more spacious, clean and uncluttered. We fitted a seat under the shower later. We fitted some grab rails and a towel rail. They were very pleased.

Small Wet Room

This is a small wet room that had a bath in it We fitted a vanity basin and was to fit a vanity WC unit. But as they needed a high WC, the unit was too low. So we had to build a box and tile it. Looks very nice and compact though.


This is a reasonable sized en-suite that we converted into a wet room. Right, the original room. Far right, the room stripped. Here we began to remove the floor. Next we laid a new ply floor. The finished room. We begin tiling and applied tanking to the shower area to water proof it. Then we fitted the gully and laid an Altro vinyl safety floor. We moved the basin to the opposite corner and turned the WC side ways to give extra room on the left hand wall for the shower area. The end result made a very usable wet room. Not sure why but the last photo looks black and white.

Mr Last's Wet Room.

This was a separate bathroom and WC which made the bath area very small. The bath was only 1600 mm long. Finding it increasingly difficult to use the bath, they wanted a shower. So we suggested a wet room. The wall was removed and one of the doors was boarded and plastered. The floor was sloped into a gully, sheeted with ply and that covered with Altro marine non slip. All pipe work was buried and a semi pedestal fitted to give a clear floor area. The walls tiled with a white ripple tile with a blue border.

Rose and Crown Hotel in Colchester.

The Rose and Crown Hotel in Colchester is the oldest hotel in the town. It originated as a coaching inn. They needed to have disabled facilities available. So they asked us to convert one of their bathrooms into a wet room. First we took out the bath, hand basin and WC. Then we striped off all the tiles and broke up the concrete floor. It actually looks worse than it is. But the floor has to be re laid to give it a slight slope into the gully which also has to be piped into the soil drain. All pipe work was buried and a semi pedestal fitted to give a clear floor area. The walls were tiled with beige and brown tiles which gave it a nice soft warm feel. A fold up seat was bolted to the wall so the shower could be used by all customers. Grab handles were also bolted to the walls. A towel rail radiator was also fitted.

Bathroom to Wet Room.

This was an ordinary bathroom in a bungalow.We removed the bath, dug up the concrete floor and fitted a shower gully. We fully tiled the walls, fitted a folding shower seat and some grab handles. Mr Mitchell was very pleased and was quite surprised at how much more room he had.

More with Altro safety floors..

This is yet another two mobility wet rooms. both with the same colour flooring. Though it does not look like it because of the light. Perhaps I should study photography? The floor is Sea grass, which is a grey green that goes with almost anything. I think that the neutral colours are best. The bright, bold blues look a bit harsh and can clash with everything. A floor looks totally different down, compared to looking at a pattern.

Building a wet room.

This was a small downstairs room that already had a shower cubicle and WC in it. The cubicle was too clumber some for an elderly person and left no room to move. We began by stripping the room. Chased in the pipe for the cistern. Then we cut a channel in the floor, cut through the wall below the damp course for the shower and basin waste. The pipe work for the new basin was moved. We then put a cement screed over the floor sloping into the waste. You can just see the shower waste in the floor The floor was then covered with non slip Altro marine vinyl flooring. It was then tiled and a vanity unit fitted. A fold down seat was bolted to the wall under the shower and then the WC was fitted.

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