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Wet room installations

We specialise in, and began wet room installation in Suffolk. We now cover the South East of England. and whilst wet rooms are fabulous to shower in, but we have to adjust the way we bathe. All for the better, no more climbing into a bath to shower. No more cleaning mould from enclosure frames ladies.

Change Our Ways

We Brits find it hard to change our ways. (No Mrs, you can t have carpet in a wet room.) I get calls to say; the floors wet, (well, the clues in the name) I need a screen, I need curtains. Personally I think this detracts from the beauty of a wet room and clutters it up. We suggest to try without, a screen can always be retro fitted but can just get in the way.

All Wet Rooms

It is all wet rooms in Spain and Thailand. It was in Spain that I fell in love with wet rooms. Mobility wet rooms installations are something we developed and specialise in. see our Mobility Wet Room installation page. We operate from Ipswich and install wet rooms in Suffolk, Essex and the surrounding areas. However, we travel all over the south east of England for mobility wet rooms. You can see more on our Colchester site.

In Thailand

In Thailand every wet room installation I have seen has a small towelling rug outside the door and they automatically wipe their feet as they leave. Because it may be said to be easier in a hot country. But even if you have slippers on, you can wipe your feet as the floor will not be continually wet. The few Asian people here that have fitted out a wet room for do this without question.

A screen can always be retro fitted. Therefore, at the end of the day it is your choice.

Slate Floor

This wet room installation was fitted in a bungalow on a concrete floor utilising a non-slip stone/slate effect floor tile especially for safety and two different wall tiles, one being a feature wall with a wood effect tile. 

In addition, a rain head shower was utilised by the customer, counter top basin was added, wall mounted basin mixer tap and fitted furniture in an exotic ‘Rift Oak’ finish, giving a beautiful wet room therefore giving a touch of elegance.

Our Recent Works

Apollo Design Bathroom and Wet Room Specialists Call - 07710812226

Apollo Design Bathroom and Wet Room Specialists Call - 07710812226